HEINEKEN: Growing Together in Africa

HEINEKEN has been in Africa over 100 years and is committed to the region for good. We see potential in Africa. We continue to invest for growth and aim to make a positive impact in the continent through job creation, increasing our sourcing of raw materials regionally and by partnering with the communities around us.

Our Local Sourcing Ambition

Local Sourcing

Local sourcing is a key element of our operations and supports our ambition to be a partner for growth in Africa. We currently source around 40% of our ingredients regionally and are committed to upskilling local farmers to create more value for local communities.


Helping to Improve Farmers' Lives

Cassava is a versatile tuber that can be converted for use within brewing and Nigeria is the world’s biggest cassava producer. We are working with inspirational female entrepreneur Yemisi Iranloye in Nigeria to improve cassava yields and the lives of a growing number of small farmers in the region.


Stimulating Sustainable Supply Chains

The CREATE Project in Ethiopia is one of HEINEKEN’s six current Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). CREATE helps farmers increase their malt barley yields by providing them with top quality seeds, agronomic training, better access to finance and more reliable markets to sell their crops.


Caring for Local Communities

Caring for and Caring about our People

At HEINEKEN we believe that every employee should have access to good healthcare, regardless of where they live.


Workplace HIV Treatment Programmes

For the past 15 years, we have supported employees and their dependents in sub-Saharan Africa through the HEINEKEN HIV workplace programme.


Working with Brand Promoters

Brand promoters play an important role promoting our brand portfolio to customers and consumers at point of sale and at events. As for all of our employees, brand promoter safety is of key importance for HEINEKEN.


Responsible Consumption

HEINEKEN's position on Responsible Consumption

HEINEKEN is committed to responsible consumption and uses the power of the global Heineken® brand to make moderate drinking cool. Last year, the company raised its ambition by directing 10% of media spend to promoting responsible drinking across all operating companies selling Heineken®, with a special focus on When You Drive, Never Drink.

Build partnerships to address alcohol abuse

Our aim is to run a measurable partnership that addresses alcohol abuse in every market. Since 2009, HEINEKEN brand Bralima has been working on an initiative to eliminate drunk driving in DRC.


A Flavour of our African Beer Brands

Walia - We Are Walia

Primus - Connect to progress

Star - Shine on

HEINEKEN Africa Foundation

We set up the HEINEKEN Africa Foundation (HAF) in 2007 to help sub-Saharan communities gain access to reliable and safe drinking water and good quality mother and child healthcare. Since its inception, the Foundation has invested €9.2 million in over 100 projects across the continent.